Yes, if you are enrolled in the Biomedical informatics baccalaureate (BIB) program at City Tech and you meet the eligibility requirements. Please take a look at the Application Checklist

The program is offering yearlong training activities and seminars in Biomedical Big Data Science, including an internship that fulfills the MED 3910 course requirement of the BIB degree.

Applications open in the Fall semester. Students are notified of acceptance into the program by the end of December. The training activities begin in February, and continue until June. Internships begin in July and continue until December. For more information, please checkout the Schedule page.

Yes! Students are paid for participating in the training activities and for successfully completing the internship.

Please take a look at the Application Checklist. Submit all material to

If you have completed the MED 3910 requirement you are not eligible to participate in the program. You can attend, however, certain activities that will be open to a large audience.

  • Practical skills on Unix/Python/R/SQL.
  • Exposure to the applications of Biomedical Big Data science and Data Analytics.
  • Research experience with faculty from Cornell University (and/or City Tech).
  • Opportunities to present your research at conferences.
  • Advisement and mentoring until graduation.

You will be entering the world of Big Data and Data Analytics! This is your opportunity to become a biomedical data scientist!

Once you are in the program, we will make sure you are ready to register for MED 3910 at the Fall of that year. For example, if you receive a notification of acceptance for 2018, you are expected to register for MED 3910 at Fall 2018.

Due to the computational nature of the program, programming skills are highly desirable. Basic knowledge of UNIX/R/Python/SQL is recommended.